The Colors of Summer: Incorporating Bright and Bold Jewelry into Your Wardrobe

Summer is a season of colors, and there's no better way to brighten up your wardrobe than by adding some bold and beautiful jewelry pieces. At Love&Crafted, we have an array of jewelry collections to complement your summer look, whether you prefer dainty and delicate pieces or bold statement jewelry. Let's explore some of the vibrant colors you can incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

Blue is a classic summer color that reminds us of the clear skies and sparkling ocean. Our Wave Ring features stunning blue Zircon Crystals, symbolizing the ups and downs in life. You can wear it alone or stack it with other rings for a bohemian beach look. We also offer a silver Crystal Wave Ring option for those who prefer silver jewelry.

Photo: Wave Ring

Gold is the color of luxury and extravagance, and our Gold Thick & Thin Ring captures the essence of love and support in life's thick and thin moments. The ring is made with 18k Gold Plating or Sterling Silver plating and features a heartwarming message card that serves as a reminder that you will always be there for your loved one. 

Photo: Gold Thick & Thin Ring

Red is a bold and passionate color that represents love and strength. Our Cardinal Bird Necklace symbolizes that those we have lost will live forever as long as we keep their memory alive in our hearts. The necklace is a wonderful gift for those struggling with grief or loss. It's made from Sterling Silver plating with a red cardinal bird and the words "Cardinals appear when Angels are near."

Photo: Cardinal Bird Necklace

Silver has traditionally been viewed as a distinguished color – one associated with wealth, modernity, glamor, grace and elegance. Our Hug Ring beautifully symbolizes the warmth and comfort of a hug from a loved one, making it a meaningful addition to any summer outfit. The Hug Ring is handmade out of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. The ring is hypoallergenic and nickel free.

Photo: Hug Ring

Yellow is a cheerful color that reminds us of sunny days and happiness. Our Spinning Clover Ring in gold is perfect for adding a touch of luck and good fortune to your summer wardrobe. This stunning ring is handcrafted with 18k Gold Plating and features shiny Zircon Crystals. Not only does it add a pop of yellow to your outfit, but it also relieves stress with its spinning design. Wear it alone or stack it with other rings for a unique and eye-catching look.

Photo: Spinning Clover Ring

Incorporating bold and bright jewelry into your summer wardrobe is an easy and fun way to add some personality and style to your outfits. From blue and gold to yellow and red, Love&Crafted's collection has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a dainty accessory, our jewelry is handmade with love and care, ensuring you receive a high-quality and beautiful piece every time.