How to Wear a Necklace for Different Necklines

Wondering how to wear a necklace for your neckline?

With so many necklace designs, lengths, and styles, it can be hard to know which one suits you best.

However, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Nor does it have to be complicated.

Here are some tips on how to wear a necklace for different necklines and which types of necklace would suit you.

How to wear a necklace for different necklines

If you’re wondering how to choose the right necklace for different necklines, you need to remember three things:

1. What you want your necklace to do for you

Contrary to what you might think, necklaces are more than a mere decoration. Rather, they guide you in how you want to express yourself.

For example, do you want it to highlight your outfit or your best features?

2. The focal point you want to highlight

Remember, where your necklace falls is what will naturally get everyone’s attention. So, consider what you want and don’t want to highlight.

3. The length, width, and shape of your neckline

Choose a necklace that matches your neckline’s shape, length, and width. This will help you make a fashion statement of your own.

The most basic types of necklines

1. Off-shoulder neckline

When you’re showing an off-shoulder neckline, you can wear either a choker or a very long necklace.

Layered necklaces can look amazing on an open chest and neckline, too.

To the Moon & Back Necklace

to the moon and back necklace love and crafted

A heartwarming piece of jewelry that fits off-shoulder necklines well, To the Moon & Back Necklace is truly worth it with such a dazzling design and a cute message card.

2. V-neck neckline

With a triangular shape along the chest and neck, a pendant that stands out or a large triangular-shaped necklace is a great choice.

You can either wear one that fits inside the v-neckline or one that fits outside of it and on top of the fabric. 

Hug Necklace

hug necklace love and crafted black and white

Dainty yet classy, the Hug Necklace would definitely emphasize the triangular shape of your neckline. It’s also a very unique and special jewelry piece.

3. Plunging neckline

A plunging neckline would definitely catch a lot of eyes, so it’s best to wear a necklace that is also eye-catching or hints at seduction.

Your best bet would be an extremely long chain or pendant or a very short choker.

Butterfly Necklace

butterfly necklace love and crafted

The Butterfly Necklace is such a gorgeous and unique piece of jewelry, especially if you love butterflies. No doubt that its gold accent and design would suit your evening wear.  

All in all

Now that you know that there’s a right necklace for different necklines, there will be no stopping you from looking even more stunning and elegant.

You just have to keep in mind that there are necklaces that just need to have that certain neckline for them to shine and make you look fab.