Best Summer Date Ideas to Enjoy With Your Loved One

Summer is here! And if the sunshine is inspiring you to make the most out of the outdoors and longer, brighter days, it’s the perfect time to grab your partner for something new.

Whether you want to switch up your usual evenings or you’re looking for places to wear your new summer jewelry, summertime offers an abundance of options for fun, creative ways to get outside and keep the love alive between you and your partner.

Visit a botanical garden

Stop and smell the flowers at a nearby botanical garden. Spend the day holding hands and exploring the beauty of nature while you snap some photos for your memories (or social media feed).

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Take a trip to the dog park

Are you dog lovers? Most local parks have fenced in dog runs for you and your furry friend to enjoy — and bringing your partner along can make for an aww-mazing day for all! Even if neither of you own a dog, most park-goers are happy to have you come watch the playtime anyway.

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Sit around a campfire

If you’re a fan of nighttime activities, a campfire is a great way to spend quality time with your partner. Sing some campfire songs, tell funny or scary stories, and don’t forget the marshmallows!

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So, why should you go on dates with your partner? While lounging at home watching Netflix is relaxing and easy, continuing to date your partner, even after years of being together, can help build intimacy for a healthier relationship. One of the best things about summer dates are that they are often inexpensive — even free! Our summer date ideas and gift ideas are sure to offer memories that last forever!