3 Jewelry Style Tips For Beginners

It’s never too late to start mixing more jewelry into your looks. If you’ve never been big on wearing jewelry before, adding some to your fashion arsenal is a great way to revitalize your wardrobe and cause a strong impression on people around you. And while learning how to use jewelry properly isn’t that hard, beginners can still benefit from understanding a few basics before they get started.

This guide will go over some of those basics and should help you work out the details of adding jewelry to your regular fashion rotation.

Tip #1 – Don't overspend right away

It can be tempting as a beginner to just fill a shopping cart with expensive pieces of jewelry and hope for the best. Or to invest way too much in that one necklace or pair of earrings you’re convinced you’re going to start using all the time once they arrive. But burning all your jewelry budget on the front end is just asking for trouble.

The issue is that as you craft new looks with your first set of jewelry, you’re bound to have ideas for various other looks that you love more, which will naturally encourage you to buy more clothes and more jewelry. So instead of going straight for expensive items, start off by buying inexpensive and costume jewelry that just looks like what you’d find it in a luxury store.

A nice set of affoaffordable jewelry will give you plenty to experiment with in terms of ensembles. And then you can learn if you’re really someone who feels comfortable wearing multiple rings or if you’re someone who can wear big earrings all day. A few months of wearing costume jewelry will allow you to make informed decisions when you’d o decide to splurge on fancy jewelry.

Nice Affordable Jewelry Ideas

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Tip #2 – Consider Something Meaningful

There is a reason why sentimental, meaningful, and inspirational jewelry are all popular. Emotionally-charged pieces of jewelry can change how you view yourself and how you feel at any given time. And it can provide you with something to talk about when meeting new people.

Meaningful pieces

Emotionally-charged jewelry with a meaningful message card included

Tip #3 – Choose a focal point

While a focal point isn’t needed for a great look, it can be a great principle to have in mind when planning what to wear. Choose a single piece of jewelry to be the focal point of the look, whether it be extravagant ring or a beautiful pendant, and then build the rest of the outfit around that focal point.

That will ensure that the focal point is the first thing people see when looking at you. And that can make your entire look feel much more memorable and coherent.

Remember that the best way to choose jewelry to wear is to stick with what you love. Use these recommendations as a guideline, but always trust your gut. You know what makes you look gorgeous and you know which pieces of jewelry you love.